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"Unique"  "The Best"  "A Hidden Treasure"
"Just Plain Awesome!" - passenger comments.

We board our 60 year old Peterborough Cedar Strip vessel for a unique voyage on the historic Black River, Green, and Severn River Systems.

The "Piratos" is driven by a quiet 4 stroke engine, can be covered upon request and has all the safety equipment on board.

Our journey and Captain Albert's award winning commentary may include The Old Mill, the confluence of the Black and Green Rivers, the site of the oldest publicly owned Hydro Electric power dam in the world, the fabulous reflections in the Black River Gorge as well as viewing the edge of the Great Canadian Shield.

We may combine our journey with a beverage stop or a picnic lunch at a historic log cabin.

Numerous other possibilities are for your choosing:

  • Fishing Trips
  • Wedding Parties
  • Romance and Sunset Cruises
  • Real Estate Orientation Tours

The entire vessel is yours for an amazing $50. + tax per hour and you create your trip. (3 persons maximum).  A few suggested itineraries:

Cruise #1 - Old Mill, Green River, Confluence of the Green (Severn) and Black River Systems (1 hr)

Cruise #2 - Above plus site of the oldest publicly owned hydro dam (Wasdell Falls), edge of the Great Canadian Shield, the Black River Gorge (2 hrs)

Cruise #3 - All of the above plus beverage stop (2.5 hrs)

Cruise #4 - All of the above plus a picnic lunch (included) (3 hrs)


The Fabulous Black River in depth cruise or The Lower Severn River Cruise with fabulous views of Wasdell Falls, Lock 42, doing the exciting "Locking through Lock 42" experience, picnic lunch at Washago Centennial Park (Lake Couchiching) or to Sparrow Lake with Lunch at Bayview Wildwood Resort... and so much more. 
Contact and Discuss with me, your captain,

Captain Albert T. Reitsma

Contact Info

Send Captain Albert an Email
...or you can reach us by Telephone at:
(705) 689-8497 
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Please Note
Due to possible private charters, please check with the cruise information number prior to desired cruise for latest schedule information. The company reserves the right, without liability, to cancel, delay, shorten or change the cruise whenever, in its judgement, weather or circumstances warrant. Cruise prices are subject to change without notice.

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