Why stay in a luxury resort in Phuket

Phuket is one of the famous and oldest cities in Thailand. It’s just located in the southeast Phuket Island. The city is very attractive and also historically important. Phuket is a nice place to spend vacations. All sorts of modern facilities are available here for those who wish to lead a comfortable life in Thailand. Super specialty hospitals, luxurious hotels, shopping Malls, and multi-modal conveyance facilities in Phuket have made this city a major location for tourism in Thailand. Not only people of Thailand, but also other nationals from different parts of the world like Europe, America, Asia and Australia come to spend nice and memorable vacations here. Tourists who like to experience luxurious and easy going days in Phuket always look for a luxury resort in Phuket.

An international destination

As per statistics, almost 90% of tourists who visit different beach destinations in Thailand are international tourists. Tourists visiting Phuket always remain very high each year. It has been observed by the Authorities in Thailand that approximately 12 million tourists visited Phuket this year, until now, and most of them are from the USA, Canada and Europe. Majority of these tourists prefer to stay in a luxury resort in Phuket to spend their holidays in style and comfort. As such, Phuket is indeed an international destination.

Luxury Resort redefined

Luxury resorts in Phuket are conceptualized amidst marvelous beaches on the shore of Andaman Sea that include diverse natural resources. Tourists come here to enjoy nature while embracing culture and tradition of Thailand. Tourists who love and can afford to live in luxury hotels get the ultimate taste of a luxurious lifestyle in these resorts, which adds more energy and enthusiasm to their vacations that are indeed unforgettable. Sparkling pool, Swim-up bars, designer chaise lounges and sunbeds, rooftop bars and nightclubs, modern restaurants, rooms with Internet facilities, King-size bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms and many other alluring facilities make a luxury resort in Phuket unique and in itself a tourism destination.

Luxury unlimited

Visiting a luxury resort in Phuket is like staying with nature in ultimate luxury. There are many unique facilities that have made them so aristocratic and stylish. Right from the services to recreation, any of these luxury resorts is a splendid destination for tourism. Thousands of visitors just revisit Phuket in sheer attraction of spending some days in these luxurious hotels.

·        Services: These hotels are quite famous for their excellent services, which include 24-hours reception, 24-hours room attendance, laundry service, room delivery of foods, etc.

·        Facilities: Wi-Fi facility, Conference room availability for any type of gatherings with supporting staff, Car parking facility, anytime conveyance, airport pick up and drop in facility, etc. are some common facilities provided by these hotels.

·        Recreation: Seaside pools, Rooftop bars, Kids playing zone, spa, fitness hub, and different indoor playing arrangements are quite attractive in these hotels.

Moreover, the guests get the full freedom to choose the type of rooms with facilities they desire depending on their budget. However, some recreation facilities and services are common for all guests.

Overall, touring in Phuket and staying in a luxury resort is always an ever cherishing experience for tourists.

A Guide to Spending Holidays in Australia with Kids in Tow

Taking holidays after long weeks of work is always exciting. Australia is one of the leading destinations where many individuals and families get to relax and enjoy at the same time. However, the music takes a different tune when kids are added to the picture. Some find it hard to have children when visiting Wyndham vacation resort among other tourist destinations. This guide is meant to lighten the burden for travelling parents like you.

wyndham vacation resort

Most people would think that bringing children along dulls out your sense of adventure but this is far from the truth. Travelling is one of the most rewarding and memorable activities to do as a family. Mingling with locals and tourists educates and develops your children into open-minded and respectful individuals.


With kids to include in the budget, it’s always best to find the best prices while getting the best accommodations. Some hotels like the Wyndham vacation resort in Australia, are not only affordable but are family-friendly as well.

When your budget demands an affordable hotel after a long day of adventure and wander, it’s best to find accommodations that cater well to children and their needs. It’s important to know that kids need less time on the road. Family travellers move at a slower pace than usual so it’s expected that you’ll be spending more time exploring each destination than the road. Travel days are taken to a minimum and it’s better to use only comfortable and private vehicles.

Hiring rental vans, signing up for tours or investing in hotel club memberships will save you money in the long run. Visit sites like http://www.redseason.com.au/ for affordable Worldmark or Accor Vacation Club memberships. Enjoy budget-friendly deals to cheap Wyndham vacation resort Australia as an exclusive member.


After exploring one destination to another, there will often be times where children are left tired and hungry. Rather than commuting like a backpacker would, it’s always better to rent a van or private car with children around. This option would also be more convenient for the whole family, especially with the unavoidable restroom breaks and spontaneous detours. Affordable hotels such as Wyndham vacation resort offer tour packages and need transportation for parents who would like to sign up for tours exclusively.

Food and Beverage

Hotels, such as the Wyndham vacation resort, have some convenient benefits for parents and children including room service, meals, babysitting services, and more. Vacation rentals, however, mean that you can make it your home and prepare your own meals. This is recommended for children with special diets or is uncomfortable with eating food they’re not familiar with.

When packing baby food, it’s important to know that most airports will allow baby milk and baby food to be carried through security in containers over 100ml. Usually, they would open the containers to screen its contents at the security point, but this should only take a few minutes of your time. Also, this part doesn’t contaminate the food in any way. It’s also worth checking with the airports you’ll be travelling through to be absolutely sure.

For parents who are looking to simply relax and enjoy the sun in Australia, hotels and resorts are always the best option for a hassle-free and convenient stay. If you’re on a budget, it’s always great to enquire for some family-friendly packages and rates. Some hotels like the Wyndham vacation resort Australia are always happy to accommodate any questions and requests parents like you tend to ask for a memorable and enjoyable experience with your family.

Sathorn hotel – For a world class accommodation and dining experience

Thailand is an Asian country that has emerged as the most attractive tourist destination in the world in the last one decade. The place is outstanding, unique, fascinating, exotic, which encapsulates the colourful culture. This is why it has been voted as the best tourist destination in the entire Asia. The country offers world-class attractions, including the shopping malls, and best in class hotels to guests and tourists; one among which is the Sathorn Hotel.

If you talk about the major tourist destinations, then the only place that comes to mind is Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Bangkok is always full of life where you can behold the past, present and the future, staying harmoniously at ease. On one hand, you notice the old-style commodity trading and on the other, you notice the entertainment centres, shopping malls and the luxury hotels offering world-class dining experience. At Sathorn, you can find a medium class hotel, luxury hotel and even the 5 star to 8 star hotels. For a discounted hotel, you can opt for the 3 star ones.

Enjoy the city’s superb nightlife with luxury hotels

Even in the three star hotels of Bangkok you can enjoy an amazing nightlife. You will love the tremendous excitement in the Muay Thai Boxing, and the great glamour and glitz of the Ladyboy show. The place is extremely famous for the Thai food that is available in all the Sathorn hotels in the region. You will enjoy the great comforting and relaxing experience in the hotel’s spa and massage centre. Thai massage centres are renowned for the beauty treatments that are offered at affordable rates.

Luxurious facilities at discounted rates

Bangkok is known for providing outstanding facilities to the visitors. It is mainly known for the hotels that offer great accommodation at discounted prices; from the ordinary ones to the most luxurious experience in the luxury 7 star hotels. The 5 star hotels, which you find in Sathorn, are widely favoured by the tourists since they are very affordable and at the same time offer lavish experiences. Some of the hotels which are worth mentioning are Hotel Windsor Suite, Hotel Tawana, Hotel Pathumwan Princess, Hotel Conrad and many more, which offer reasonable accommodations. Apart from the world-class luxurious hotels, there are many hotels that offer a middle class accommodation. Even the three star Sathorn hotels offer the most premium facilities, but at reliable rates. Almost all the hotels in Sathorn are home away from home. The accommodation which you expect to get in the hotels reflects the very comfort of home that is taken to another level.

Guests and tourists enjoy the clever combination of cosy home and privacy with the luxury and great convenience during their stay. You can enjoy the spacious, large hotel rooms that can accommodate at least 5-6 people in one. Besides this, one enjoys top class amenities with great food such that the tourist feels inclined to visit the place again and again. You can get accommodation at budget friendly rates with a little online research.

Book Your Stay at the Ykarthouse.com When Holidaying in Cambodia

Looking for a place to stay on your next trip to Cambodia, particularly in Phnom Penh? Continue reading to find your home away from home.

And this is not just a cliché.

It is homey and cozy in the sense that it provides Airbnb type apartments and rooms but with an international hotel service.

This, right here, makes a stark difference.

If you are a traveler rather than a tourist, this type of accommodation would be most appropriate.

Type of accommodation at the YK Art House

Standard 1-bed apartments

These self-contained apartments are fitted with an equipped kitchenette, encouraging you to cook your own meals, if you so desire. People with special dietary requirements highly appreciate such features.

Each apartment has a bedroom and a living room, affording you a space with privacy and a place you can share with visitors or travel companions.

Modern 1-bed apartments

Unlike the standard one-bedroom apartment, these self-contained modern apartments have an equipped kitchen and an en-suite bathroom.

A major highlight in this accommodation is the natural light that comes into the bedroom and living room. If you choose to stay cooped up in your apartment, you won’t do it in the dark or in a dimly-lit place.

Deluxe double rooms

If you prefer hotel living instead of apartment living, the deluxe double rooms you will see on ykarthouse.com are sure to suit your preference.

It features one large bed, a hot water shower, and a desk. No kitchen here, so you will have to enjoy your meals prepared for you instead of cooked by you.

Check out www.ykarthouse.com to get detailed information and images of each room type.

Travel Services at the YK Art House

Cambodia is a destination where the ancient and modern worlds coexist, providing locals and visitors a magical experience each and every time. So it is a crime if you do not explore this charming kingdom when you visit.

There are plenty of awe-inspiring temples to see and an urban scene that is unique to Cambodia. There are also upcountry adventures that you can indulge in.

YK Art House can arrange your trip to various areas in Cambodia and even places over the border like Laos and Vietnam.

Visit https://www.ykarthouse.com/, hover your mouse over hotel features to reveal the drop-down menu, and click on Travel Services to view your options. These include private or group city day tours and other events and tours.

You can book a bus and car and even visa services on the same page too.

Top Places to Visit in Cambodia

To give you an idea of where to go, check out the following:

  • Temples of Angkor
  • The Southern Islands
  • Siem Reap Province
  • Phnom Penh

Ask the friendly staff to arrange for a half-day or a full-day tour, complete with lunch. Without a doubt, they will cater to your needs.

Book Your Stay at the YK Art House

For a more immersive stay in Phnom Penh, make a reservation at the HTTPS://YKARTHOUSE.COM/. You can do this right on the homepage. Just click the Book Now button.

The same button can be found on the accommodation page. Once you’ve read all the details for each room type and made a pick, start the reservation process.