Why stay in a luxury resort in Phuket

Phuket is one of the famous and oldest cities in Thailand. It’s just located in the southeast Phuket Island. The city is very attractive and also historically important. Phuket is a nice place to spend vacations. All sorts of modern facilities are available here for those who wish to lead a comfortable life in Thailand. Super specialty hospitals, luxurious hotels, shopping Malls, and multi-modal conveyance facilities in Phuket have made this city a major location for tourism in Thailand. Not only people of Thailand, but also other nationals from different parts of the world like Europe, America, Asia and Australia come to spend nice and memorable vacations here. Tourists who like to experience luxurious and easy going days in Phuket always look for a luxury resort in Phuket.

An international destination

As per statistics, almost 90% of tourists who visit different beach destinations in Thailand are international tourists. Tourists visiting Phuket always remain very high each year. It has been observed by the Authorities in Thailand that approximately 12 million tourists visited Phuket this year, until now, and most of them are from the USA, Canada and Europe. Majority of these tourists prefer to stay in a luxury resort in Phuket to spend their holidays in style and comfort. As such, Phuket is indeed an international destination.

Luxury Resort redefined

Luxury resorts in Phuket are conceptualized amidst marvelous beaches on the shore of Andaman Sea that include diverse natural resources. Tourists come here to enjoy nature while embracing culture and tradition of Thailand. Tourists who love and can afford to live in luxury hotels get the ultimate taste of a luxurious lifestyle in these resorts, which adds more energy and enthusiasm to their vacations that are indeed unforgettable. Sparkling pool, Swim-up bars, designer chaise lounges and sunbeds, rooftop bars and nightclubs, modern restaurants, rooms with Internet facilities, King-size bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms and many other alluring facilities make a luxury resort in Phuket unique and in itself a tourism destination.

Luxury unlimited

Visiting a luxury resort in Phuket is like staying with nature in ultimate luxury. There are many unique facilities that have made them so aristocratic and stylish. Right from the services to recreation, any of these luxury resorts is a splendid destination for tourism. Thousands of visitors just revisit Phuket in sheer attraction of spending some days in these luxurious hotels.

·        Services: These hotels are quite famous for their excellent services, which include 24-hours reception, 24-hours room attendance, laundry service, room delivery of foods, etc.

·        Facilities: Wi-Fi facility, Conference room availability for any type of gatherings with supporting staff, Car parking facility, anytime conveyance, airport pick up and drop in facility, etc. are some common facilities provided by these hotels.

·        Recreation: Seaside pools, Rooftop bars, Kids playing zone, spa, fitness hub, and different indoor playing arrangements are quite attractive in these hotels.

Moreover, the guests get the full freedom to choose the type of rooms with facilities they desire depending on their budget. However, some recreation facilities and services are common for all guests.

Overall, touring in Phuket and staying in a luxury resort is always an ever cherishing experience for tourists.

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